Sailor Moon R / 美少女戦士セーラームーン R

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Second Arc of livens up himtitle: the Moon Black where simply to call Sailor Moon R (for Return) This season decomposes into two left: the first one, the sailors and Mamoru having lost memory there do not remember their last battle against Beryl. Garlic and Ann, come on Earth appears then two extraterrestrials, to collect the energy of the human beings which is vital them. The second part will mark the arrived of a new character Chibi-Usa (Girl de Sailor Moon and of the masked home: Sailor Chibi-moon) who came of future, to ask of the help(assistant) in for warrior to save her relatives. New enemies will make their appearance: Rubeus and four sisters (Koan, Berthier, Calaveras, Petz), Emeraude, Saphire, Prince Diamant and Wiseman.


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